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I can get in CP Again

Ok, I can get into CP again. But I might hold a mod contest!



9 Responses

  1. Yay you can get in again! Still Nice Site!

    Thanks, but please do not advertise your site. I’ll check it out, though! Maybe I’ll add it to my blogroll!

  2. Cool! Visit my Site and Comment! Thanks

  3. Ok, I’ll add you to medium, that way, you’ll get more viewers. Also, I’ll add you to my MAIN blogroll. and if you ever need advice, just e-mail me at davidhooban@hotmail.com with whatever you need advice for.


  4. Cool! Maybe one day, you’ll pass me out on views!


  5. look idk its my trademark its my only. i really dont want any one else copying my idea…

  6. ya im a little sorry too. and there are ALOT more penguins annoying than you so dont feel bad. I can help you out to think of something unique like i thought of something. You can make a sitcom (lol) and ill help you come else with something different

  7. so im thinking you could create a series about 10 or more or less penguins that just live in cp and do all the stuff in cp but its funny! any other ideas?

  8. no its ok i already have a whole bunch of cp comedys and they have to all be on topic because im ending soon and they are all on rockhopper island

  9. Awesome site! Keep up the good work!! XD


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