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Not Noticed

I was bored, and I wanted to write a post, so I wrote this.
Not Noticed
By: Pizzazz Peni
I’m not noticed
in CP.
I’m not noticed
Yes, me.

I’m not noticed
In front of you
I’m not noticed
Yes, it’s true.

I’m not noticed
in Club Penguin
I’m not noticed
Can you see my penguin?

I’m not noticed
But I will soon.
I’m not noticed
From Morning to Noon
And so on.

part of the crowd still

Kinda feel that way in CP. I’m the one people see as the peng they think needs to be bullied, sometimes. And when someone is playing that weird “bay bee” game, they scream “GET OUT!!” when I go to their igloo. ūüė¶ Whenever you see me in CP, crowd around me!! ūüėõ Pretend I’m EXTREMELY famous.

PS: Do the same when you see Raven. (Her user is Surfer 1 2 9. If it’s dressed as a girl, it’s her. 2 other people use it. Her brother, and another friend. I once in a while visit it :P)


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