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New User!

Hey peoples! It’s clubpengieinfo! We have a new user! It’s….
ZEBBYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! W00T W00T!!

It's ZEBBY!!! YAY!!

It's ZEBBY!!! YAY!!

Congrats for joining, Zebs! ūüôā



One Response

  1. Awesome! Can you come to my 10,000 Hits Party? Here is the invitation:

    Server: Snow Angel
    Date: August 11 (Tuesday)
    Time: 12:00 (Noon) PST
    Room: Dock

    I will add everyone that wants to be added. I will play games with all my fans, take party pics, and feature player cards. One supportive fan will win a rare penguin. The expected amount of penguins coming is 35.

    I promise you, this will be one of the biggest, best, and awesomest CP parties EVER!

    See you there!



    RavenSky119: I’ll try to be there.

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