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It’s Just Life

Sigh… 😦 Hi everyone. I’ve been so sad lately. I entered a contest, and lost by a mistake with the results. I never have won anything in my life, and I never will. Contests mean a lot to me, and when I lose, I just feel like bursting into tears, and crying until I have no water left in my head. I never will get my own rare penguin, or win a coin code, or win a membership for my little brother, who only plays CP if he can be available to all features. I never will win that contest with the Sprouse Twins, or go shopping with Miranda Cosgrove. By the time I win a contest, I won’t even be alive, I bet. I don’t have any real rewards, or anything. I am not famous, and nobody will always treat me with respect online. I will always lose, and always be disrespected in the virtual worlds online. I will always have over 100 people on my ignore list. I will NEVER be able to be popular, respected online, or win a contest/sweepstakes. Well, it’s just life. And you know what? LIFE STINKS. 😦


PS: The owner of the contest, I know it’s not your fault. It’s just that I never have won anything in my life. And I’ll never meet Rockhopper. xD


2 Responses

  1. Can you come to my Festival of Flight Party? Here is the info:
    When: Tonight
    Time: 10:00 PM (PST)
    Server: Slushy
    Room: Dock
    This will be a fun little Mini Party! We will chat, hang out, play games, and explore the Festival of Flight! This party will rock! Tons of penguins will come, and you do not want to miss an awesome party like this! Like I always do, I will take party pics, and feature penguins! Also, if the server Slushy is full, the party will be at Snow Angel! I will see you there (along with 30 other penguins)! 😀

    Clubpengieinfo: Not aloud on that late, that’s 1:00 AM EST, which is my time. Sorry. 😦 Also, I’ll be asleep then. xD

  2. Too bad 😦 . I hope you will join my card-jitsu contest and I hope you’ll win because it’s so easy peasy

    Clubpengieinfo: I did, I just need to finish putting in all those comments. 😛

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