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Guess what?

Did you notice? Salty has been deleted. Why? Because this:
Zebby, Ravensky199, and Pax Sweetie3 were deleted, but Salty, and me remained. So, my friend and I have a feeling Salty did this. If Salty did NOT do it, we appologize, and we’ll add you back. Thank you for reading,



3 Responses

  1. I know we had lots of fights already LOL and i don’t wanna start another fight but i don’t think Salty did that and its not fair to him that u think he did. Salty is a very kind person.

    ~Ashley DI
    ♥Pax: I don’t really think he would but he has been acting a little weird lately♥
    Clubpengieinfo: What fights?? And we accuse Salty, ’cause it was only me, and Salty left. Why would Pax, Zebby, or Raven do THAT? And I was offline, and I didn’t do it. I sware.

    • Well, the fights were with the blogroll thingy and the gh midori rare penguin thingy. I know that Pax, Raven, and Zebby wouldn’t do it and now i do and i dont think salty did it :/

      Clubpengieinfo: So you blame me? Why would I do such a stupid thing? I was the one who added them! And I added them back! Why would I delete people I WANT on my list? Exactly! Don’t go around blaming things on people when you don’t have to do with any of it.

  2. Well salty isn’t that nice and he’s a bit bossy.

    Last time my best friend made a party and he did the following things:

    1-Tried to take everyone and say come and party with salty and jeep we rock. After I got all the people back he join and was saying my best friend rocks.

    2-In the party he kept being mean and coming on me and stuff so my chat bubble and my penguin name was covered until i said salty rocks.

    3-He’s obbssed with being famous and was saying I suck and stuff and then guess what happened? his blog was hacked which I felt sorry for him.

    Anyway lol I said enough XD

    ♥Sam: Yeah! he does that! At my friend’s party he got his brother’s accounts and made them all say “SALTY ROX” and she got really sad♥
    Clubpengieinfo: 😮 He did that? How could he! xD Sorry you guys on what happened to you.

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