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Hi guys. I’m on my DSi, again. The comp broke, and no new posts from me until Friday. 😦 To Raven: I cried to talk to ya today. I miss ya. 😦 To Fluffy: I’ll be commenting on Club Peng. Yes, I miss ya, too. To Telly: I wish I saw ya before I left CP for 3 darn days. 😦 To all: I hope to see ya soon.

Anyway, a message to AIM/AOL users that want to talk to me:
I will be on & off AIM for at most 1 hour (in all) a day. Maybe not even once, my bro barely will let me on. 😦 So, ya. See ya Friday night!!!!



5 Responses

  1. K, see you one Friday. 😉 And I still think this page should be called either news or update since it’s not really cheats it’s just telling you about stuff.
    Pizza: (srry no bold wii wont let me) good idea, fluffy. 🙂

  2. Hey pizza. I have a Q for ya. I asked raven this but I havn’t seen her so I go on some webs under the “Who’s viewing” button and it somethims says this ” The most people on at once where 9 people on June 2″ can ya do that? If ya can it would be really cool! 🙂

  3. Uh I forgot to add this to the other one. but anyway, You know the box next to that like shows how u are and for me its blue and for urs it has a pic. of your penguin?Yeah, Can I change it or do u have to have wordpress. If ya can tell me how. Thnx! 😉

    RavenSky199: hey Awesome (:
    Im sorry, but you have to have a wordpress account to do that.

  4. wait if ur comp broke how did ya post this???

    RavenSky199: She used her wii (:

  5. Awh! Too bad… 😦

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