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NOOOO!!!! :(

SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW!! I won’t be able to post during the day, just after school, and early morning. *Sigh* =\ This is gonna take some time getting used to. I’ll update meh twitter telling about my day at school tomorrow. 🙂

PS: Have you started school? How was your first day? If you haven’t, when do you start? Do you have any new friends? Who’s the new student in your class? Tell me about it! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. 22 days left for me 😥


  2. GOOD MORNING WORLD! xD Last day of summer is officially over. =( RAVEN GET ON AIM! I NEED TO TALK TO YA ABOUT WHO’S IN MY CLASS!! (i know we get in groups with who is in our class next year, new thing) I have a crazy girl in my class who has been annoying me since the beginning of 4th. -_-

    Raven: I didnt sleep! I was up from 5:00AM until 11:00AM here, then I close my eyes for a second, I open them, and POOF! It’s 4:26 PM..sorry

  3. Raven, it’s not early anymore. I’ve been on since 6:15 AM. It’s 7:01 AM. You’re not online. =\ I guess I’m not getting a goodbye…. 😦

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