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I was in so much shock when I logged in cp today, Guess what I found??


every room is decorated in a ninja deserted way, and check out the dojo!


Im pretty excited! CP didnt say anything about this! I wonder whats going on!


3 Responses

  1. Hey where the heck are you?! I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU ALL DAY!!

  2. And Club Penguin DID say something about it, it was hidden, but I never found it. I saw it on a site.

  3. hey guys. It me telly. Im not logged on er anything. But i wanna say I wont be on much this week i have ALOT or studing to do. sorreh ūüė¶ -_-

    Clubpengieinfo: I don’t believe you’re telly… You’re not using your email. I see your last name but how do I know it’s you? Prove it. Log in. And respond. ūüėõ

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