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Chat Rules

OK, you guys need your mind given a big wack, to get it working again, somewhat like my GT teacher’s sharpener. xD Anyways, you all, I have noticed, have been ignoring the chat rules. So I will wack your brain with this list:
•You MAY ask to be a mod, but be polite.
•No swearing, fighting, or threatening.
•No giving out personal information
•No harrassing
•You get 1 chance in the chat room. 1 kick, then a ban.
•You must chat at least once. Do not sit there!
•You may advertise, but not rapidly!
•No racism, mature, or PG13-, R-, or X-Rated stuff.
•Do not fight, you will be warned, and maybe kicked! I want peace. lol
•Have fun!

Soon, if you continue ignoring these rules, it will turn into a moderated chat, and you will have to comment, and chat!!! And you all probably don’t want that! 2 people so far have been spammed forever, and banned forever from the chat. So 2 people always automatically go to spam forever, unless they apologize.



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