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Club penguin updates

Whats been going on in club penguin you ask? Well here’s the latest updates 😉

So the Club penguin 4th anniversary is coming up, What do you think it will be like? Any ideas on the hat color? Show me! Why dont you use your imagination to color the hat below

new puffle toys

In the meanwhile, The new puffle toys are officially out! Including the white puffle =)
and heres the new series 4 plush out now 😉

series 4 penguin plush added finally

Everyone excited for the Halloween party? I know I am! Here’s the most recent update.



One Response

  1. Hey guys, if you wonder why I left the chat room so fast is cuz of my dad. He wanted to look at the site, and he said…..YES. I CAN go on it! But I need you guys to never ever swear. If my dad come’s in and sees someone swearning, he gonna be mad. So, I can go on chat, but no swearing, ok? Thnx 🙂
    ~Telly, and plz respond! =D 😉
    Pax: I’ll make sure I don’t. =]
    Pizza: We can’t say damn & crap? 😦

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