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4th Anniversery Already, Dang

Hey guys, since it’s October that means the CP Anniversary is coming up. 4 years already. I remember back at the 2 years. Good times. Anyways, just wanted to have my little flashback post. Oh yeah, and here’s some pics of me at the 2nd Anniversary.

Coffee Shop

2nd year aniversery part 1 (Click for full size)

Book Room

2nd year aniversery part 2 (Click for full size)

Limited Edition 2nd Anniversary Wallpaper (No longer on CP website)

0710_2nd-anniversary-Normal (Click for full size)


2 Responses

  1. Cool post! ūüėÄ I’ve never seen you wear that hat though. =P


  2. check out the 1st anniversary– http://tomtwelve.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/oooh.png

    i actually joined like a week after this. =[

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