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Club penguin Storm rocks!

Hola Penguins! Telly921 here and I just tried Club Penguin storm! It’s awesome! Here’s a pic of my FAVORITE thing you can do 🙂


Look at ME!

Yes, That green puffle is me. 😀 You can also do different things with Club penguin storm. You can make your penguin HUGE and tiny. Here’s a pic. oh my penguin….HUGE!


big ME

Cool, huh? There’s also other really cool stuff you can do! But, If I where you, I would use your non-member penguin or something. Why? Well, You COULD get bannded if you do serten things 😮 . Well, some people use penguin storm to get like, Sensei background, Rockhopper background, etc., and you COULD get banned. But still, Its really cool! 🙂 But remember, use your extra penguin (If you want to 🙂 )

Buh bye!!! 😀

-Telly921 😉


2 Responses

  1. In penguin impact you can make yourself Massive which takes up the screen 😉 Search it on Google, you can do a lot more things on Penguin Impact (by 214mark412) than Penguin Storm (by Micro Chip 123) like get free membership 😉

    The Human Dictionary and CP Member,
    Telly921: Awesome! I heard that, My cousin has it. She says its totally awesome! Maybe, I’ll try it someday 😉

  2. Penguin storm isn’t that awesome. It’s cool at first, but it freezes up when you change your clothes. But, it’s still pretty awesome.

    Telly921: Yeah, your right, it DOES do that, but I don’t really care xD But your still right 🙂

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