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New Pin!

Hey guys! As you all know I lost my membership, but I renewed it! Wee! 😀
Anyway, you all came for news about the pin. Let’s pin this picture on! LOL.
new pin2
This pin is at the boiler room! Awesome, right? I have now 3rd AND 4th anniversary pins! Sweet! I can’t wait to get my second hat!

For the first time, I’m going to post about the newest Reviewed by You! Check out what Danjot1 said:
My favorite thing was definitely the quest at the medieval party, who can forget that great solid gold armor, shields with the gleaming red jewel, and the gold helmet? And the shining pool of water in the last cavern and the most beautiful music… and the tree house! Oh I loved the dragon in the mine, me and my friends would stand beside it and before we would get hit by the fire we would wave our solid gold shields in the air and the dragon would be defeated! Those surely were some “knights” to remember!

Thanks, Danjot1! Your Review-By-You was awesome! 🙂

Don’t forget to come back soon!

PS: Did you see that more clouds are covering the island? What do YOU think will happen? Comment it here, and we could feature it in next Thursday’s post! We may make our own Reviewed-By-You. 😉


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