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Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! It’s Halloween in CP! Here’s the scavenger hunt cheats:
1. Go to the lodge attic and click on the Jack-o-Lanturn in the corner on the left, between the 2 couches.
2. Go to the dock, and click on the pumpkin with the triangular window.
3. Go to the pet shop and click on the chandelier by the red puffle.
4. Go to the cove and click on the book that’s on the billboard.
5. Almost done! Get to the pool and click on the Jack-o-lanturn hanging from the ceiling.
6. Go to the pitch and click on the stadium light on the right side.
7. Go to the forest and click on the bushes that rumble in the middle at the back.
8. Go to the mine, and click the slime pit in the bottom-right hand corner.

🙂 This party pwns! Check out the member rooms:

experiment room

Click to enlarge.

haunted house

Click to enlarge.

So awesome! 😀 It would really suck to miss all of this!


4 Responses

  1. are then any new pins? i’m too lazy to look, but i saw a penguin with a new-looking pumpkin pin.

  2. I forgot to add, I deleted you off my E-mail so my dad wouldn’t find out…sorreh 😦
    ~Telly 😉

  3. I have something to say….. my dad found Out a was going on Chat, and he said he wanted to look to see if it was good, AKA safe. He said he’ll look at it tomorrow, he might say its “safe” or maybe “bad”. Sence hes maybe looking at the site, can you delete me off the site? For now Untill I say its ok. Also, can you get rid of my twitter thingy on the site, untill I say its ok. And sorreh I left chat, my dad got kinda mad so he closed it. Sorreh: o ! And BTW, I might not be on for a WHILE. I mean, not on chat, untill I comment here (or anywhere) again, and I’ll tell you if its ok for the chat thingy. So remember, delete me off that site for now, and my twitter thingy. Thnx and please respond!
    ~Telly. 😉

    Raven: 😦 I hate parental control..Ya, Me and Pizza will work on it, We’ll delete you off the site and make sure chat is 100% safe for the next week, Come back soon =]
    Pizza: I just tried to delete you off the site, but it didn’t work because it was updated. So, you’re going to have to delete yourself, or face the consequences. Sorry. 😦

  4. there is a new thing added! in the haunted house, in the top right corner is a new free scarecrow outfit=]

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