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Fire Card Jitsu

New Room!

Yes there is a new room, but it is unfinished.

First, you must be a ninja, and go to the ninja hideout. You will see a fire stand.

Click on the fire stand and a door will pop up. Go in.

Here is a screenshot of the room:


6 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting. 🙂

    (You’re like the only worker here that posts besides me now. 😐 )

    – Pizza

    • your welcome, but did you REALLY delete Telly and Raven? thats surprising

      Pizza: No.

      • ohhh i reread the comment, and now i get you mean the only worker that POSTTS. This is actually my first post ever since you readded me

    • Well sorreh… =/

  2. Sorry Pizza, but if you deleted me it would be unfair. My internet is currently out of use, It’s being an idiot -.- 😦 Sorry! And can you log into my penguin (flamey) and set up its igloo, since I dunno when Im going to have my comp fixed 😦 And I promise I’ll post ALOT once my comp is fixed…thx.

    -Raven (logged out on bro’s laptop)

    Clubpengieinfo: I’m not saying I’m going to delete you. 😛 I know your internet went down so I’m not bugging you to post. But lately I’ve been feeling like I want to work alone. I do better alone.

    PS: Your CPC friends banned me forever on exlounge. They hate me. Do what your AIM icon says to them. xD

  3. aww..:( I remember when it was just us lol

    But give me a chance pizza 😉 I’ll post a WHOLE lot! and I’ll get better 😀

    So whats up? xP

    And wow D: What’d you do just when you went on? And why did you? lol.

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