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My Epic CP Tweet

I think I just noticed something about CP fame… Yeah I did. Did anyone of you notice that about all of the famous CP players aren’t like 10 or 12? They’re like, 16, 17? I bet it’s because they can handle sites better. I think I’m doing a pretty good job, though. I might be the first young famous penguin! That would be so epic. =] I really want to be famous, and appreciated online. Very few people online appreciate me. Sure, there’s a bunch on XAT but some I see so little that I forget who they are. It’s kind of sad to say so, but it’s true. :\ Plus, it’s rare when I get a reply from an extremely famous penguin. Only 2 have replied, and that’s @MarciuxCP and @Frostylittle . =] They’re nice people to follow, too. Twitter is cool, it’s a nice place to show some of feelings, ideas, cool things, and stuff like that. Like I’m doing right now. =]


2 Responses

  1. Yea I’m 12 too! 😀 Cd, Jam, Mimo and many others are over 13 or 14 and they’re famous, good point. 😦 And I got replies from famous penguins too:
    Zxz192(not as famous, but famous tweeter)
    Salty(Staly Vegas)
    Akon Homie
    Lol I got a lot replies! 😉

    Clubpengieinfo: Sweet! Oh, and Mimo777 is actually I think 21. That’s what I was told.

  2. Nah, Ive seen pictures of Mimo, He’s 13 😛 But he might be o.O lol

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