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Snow Maze, New Snow & Sports, and Hockey Rink today!

Hey my fellow penguins! It’s Friday! You all know what that means: New Snow & Sports catalog, Snow Maze Party, Hockey Rink, and 1 more thing: My little brother’s birthday! 😀 If you can, please try and make a nice, orange card for him and comment it below or send it to clubpengieinfo@aol.com. Why orange, you ask? Because he has a total obsession over that color and if you make it orange he will hang it up in his room or all over the house. :p
Okay so now here’s everything you all wanted. Click any picture to enlarge it. We’re going to separate the new things by topic since we have a LOT of updates. Shall we start with a classic?

Hockey Rink Comes Back!
Okay, so the pitch was remove and today we’re getting the Ice Hockey Rink! 😀 I love the Hockey Rink because I enjoy skating around on it, and it makes me feel like an old member of Club Penguin. That’s because the Hockey Rink is older than the Pitch. :p Take a look at how Club Penguin decorated it:

Nice isn’t it?

New Sleds + Snow & Sports Catalog
New sleds! New Snow & Sports! Here’s the cheats:

=] No cheats for the sleds, though. 😐

Snow Maze
Here’s the new free item:

Okay well first I went once around the maze. I did horrible according to how I traced my map:

Yeah. . . Take this map and please try and trace a better path for us:

Anyway, here’s the end of the maze:

So cool, right? 😀
Here’s the secret room:

Wow, this is Club Penguin’s best day ever! 😀

Waddle on, my friends! 😉
– Pizza


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