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Coins for change!

That’s right, as the very jolly time of the year (xD) is getting closer and closer, two things come with it. One, PIZZA’S BIRTHDAY! ;D I’ll have a surprise for you on that day pizza…;)
And also, COINS FOR CHANGE! yes thats right, the 3rd annual coins for change, the program will go from December 11th – 20th, That gives us loads of time to make enough coins to give to penguins less fortunate then us 😀

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Also, Rockhopper’s On his way! Bringing with him some cool stuff! We’d be able to donate in our igloo’s. sounds awesome!

And Club penguin mentioned a concert at the lighthouse! cool! I wonder if the penguin band will show up..=]

Cant wait for all these awesome things, until then, Waddle on!



4 Responses

  1. Awesome post! 😉

  2. Hey! 😀 AWESOME Website! I was hoping you could come to my party! (ABOUT 500 PENGUINS WERE INVITED!) Here’s the info:

    DATE: December 3 (Thursday)
    TIME: 5:00 PM PST
    SERVER: Sherbet
    ROOM: Dock

    Cdecker81 will be giving out 1 FREE FIRE JITSU CARD CODE, and ONE SERIES 5 COIN CODE to 2 Lucky penguins that come to the party! Some special guests will be arriving at the party also! I will take party pictures and feature penguins on my website: http:/www.ClubPenguinGalaxy.Com See you there!
    Clubpengieinfo: I’ll try to make it! 😉

  3. the Internet is such a great medium and resource and I thank you for taking the time out to write, it is always a pleasure to read.

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