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December ’09 Catalog Cheats

Update: In the second picture, click the tree’s top. Not the penguin-tree. The tree that’s all the way in the left corner. 😉 Credit to Jman93!
Hey my friends! 🙂 How’s everyone? I’ve been out-of-it a little since my step-grandfather died. . . 😥

Here’s the December ’09 catalog cheats. The catalog, unfortunately, isn’t as good as last December’s. 😐
I did it in a totally new style instead of like last time. It’s really cool! Rate this post a thumbs up if it’s awesome and easy to read. Rate this post a thumbs down if it’s hard to read or you just don’t like it. (I like doing my stuff a little more different than your average penguin, if you know what I mean. ;))

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Nice, right? I pretty much like it. It’s easier to read and stuff. Follow the colored arrows. 😉

– Pizza


5 Responses

  1. woah! that is pretty cool. i never saw anyone post it like that. haha! its very interestin=]

    Clubpengieinfo: Thanks. I like being unique. 😉

  2. there is a nother cheat on second page click on christmas left

  3. Sweet. And if you wear the Christmas Tree outfit, then wave, your tree will have colorful ornaments on it 😉

  4. Hey! There’s more Cheats in the New Penguin Style, Check out my Site for more… Thanks for the Good Work.

    Clubpengieinfo: More cheats? Can you show me please? Oh and NP. :p

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