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Christmas CP Updates!

Hey everyone! Tons of Christmas CP updates today!

Coins for Change

Woohoo! Coins for Change has started and it will end December 20th. (2 days earlier than last year ūüė¶ )

LOL! Look at that pic! It was kind of hard to get but it took less time then I expected.

Here’s the choices this year:

Remember, click to enlarge. ūüėČ

Here’s the cost:

New Catalogs!

Okay! Here’s the cheats:

Click to enlarge. ūüėČ

Rockhopper’s Here!

Hey guys. Sorry, no pics. But the next post WILL probably include tips on finding our favorite pirate.

Something Extreme

Anyone see this?

Whoa! Amazing! (click to enlarge)

Whoa. That thing’s huge! I think it’s the members-only sled ride. What do you think?

– Pizza


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