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Pizza’s Party!

Hey guys! I just had a birthday party! 😀 I took TONS of pictures! It was the best party ever. Check out the pics!

LOL, they’re out of order. Click to enlarge. 😎

Most Active Penguin!

The winner of the member penguin is. . . . Nutalli!

It was a tie between Skaterjessie & Nutalli. But when Nutalli went wild, Raven & I chose her! Nutalli will receive her member penguin as soon as possible. 😎


Should I post the party pooper? Haha, there was someone at the party saying Skaterjessie & I suck. I didn’t care, though, because we all pwned them! LOL.

– Pizza


5 Responses

  1. awesome! and happy birthday! sorry i couldnt make your party, i was out shoveling and feeding the ducks

    • its k!

  2. Haha lol! I was in the tie! WOOT LOL! I hated the freakin party pooper xD

    Clubpengieinfo: 😀 That party pooper sucked. xD

  3. Hi Pizza,

    I was the best party EVER!!!!, Thx For inviting me, I had so much fun!!!

    Ignore those party poopers. You and Skaterjessie ROCKS!!!!!!

    I hope you liked the Cake and The Big Plasma TV XD

    Keep Rocking!!

    Waddle On

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