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Pizza Interviews Fotis01!

Hey guys! :] It’s Pizza! I interviewed a friend of mine: Fotis01! 😀 He commented on the site a long time ago when this site had just started. You can check out one of his comments on the Banning Info page. Here’s the interview!
Pizza: How long have you been blogging?
Fotis01: I started blogging back in 2007. Club Penguin Today was such a small blog then. But it has grown very much. 🙂
Pizza: Cool! 😀 What inspired you to start blogging?
Fotis01: Well, I remember looking at the “famous” penguins sites, Paintboys, Chewits, Fevers etc. And I really wanted to become like them. So one day, I pressed that smilie button on WordPress and started! 🙂
Pizza: Lol sweet! Do you do anything else besides blogging?
Fotis01: I also make Club Penguin Music Videos. My youtube channel is youtube.com/fotis01.
Pizza: Awesome! When did you join Club Penguin?
Fotis01: I joined at late 2006 I just missed the 1-year party hat xD
Pizza: xD Do you have any friends that blog or have Twitter that you’ve known since before you were famous?
Fotis01: All of my old friends/bloggers who I’ve known before starting my site have quited.
Pizza: Aw 😦
Fotis01: Yeah, But I have some great friends now 😀
Pizza: 😀 What’s your favorite song? LOL
Fotis01: I don’t have a favorite song. I have a favorite artist. L A D Y G A G A 4 EVA 😀 😀 😀
Pizza: I knew it XD
Fotis01: lolz
Pizza: Do you think you’ll be blogging for a long time?
Fotis01: Time will tell.
Pizza: x] What’s your favorite color? =P
Fotis01: Umm.. I like… Blue.. and red
Pizza: Lol me too x]
Fotis01: lol
Pizza: Did you enjoy this interview?
Fotis01: It was great!
Pizza: Thanks! :]
Fotis01: No problem
Thanks for reading! 😀 More interviews coming soon!

– Pizza


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