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Pizza Interviews Wadleblast1!

Hey guys! :] I just interviewed Wadleblast1! 😀 Check it out:

clubpengieinfo: How long have you been blogging?
wadleblast1: hmm…about 6 -8 months?
clubpengieinfo: Nice!
wadleblast1: thx
clubpengieinfo: What inspired you to start blogging?
wadleblast1: Penguin Expert… Monkeydude is still awesome

clubpengieinfo: :] Coolio! Do you do anything else besides blogging?
wadleblast1: Yeah… I made some random vids… youtube.com/wadleblast1 😛

clubpengieinfo: Sweet! I didn’t know you had a youtube channel. 😛 When did you join Club Penguin?
wadleblast1: 2007 but I didn’t do blogging vids till 2008. like, September 07?

clubpengieinfo: Wow. Do you have any friends that blog or have Twitter that you’ve known since before you were famous?
wadleblast1: Yeah! Disney111198 he rocks!
clubpengieinfo: :-D What’s your favorite song? =P

wadleblast1: I have a lot of favorite songs but my favorite song is really Hero by Skillet or Fireflies by Owl City 😀
clubpengieinfo: ^_^ Do you think you’ll be blogging for a long time?
wadleblast1: I hope so… I  have a lot of friends in the Club Penguin World and I don’t want to leave them 😀
clubpengieinfo: ;D What’s your favorite color?
wadleblast1: Gold 😀
clubpengieinfo: Cooly! Did you enjoy this interview?
wadleblast1: Of course!
clubpengieinfo: Thanks! ;D
wadleblast1: Np
Thanks for reading! 😀
– Pizza

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