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Cave Expedition!

Hey guys! The Cave Expedition is out! 😀 Check out the cheats:

You’ll see this cave when you go to The Mine:

& if you don’t already have the miner’s hat, come get it right here:

When you walk inside, you’ll see this:

You’ll be blocked by a rock if you don’t dig up the amethyst:

Start digging! Here’s what you get the 4 times you dig:

Check it out on my playercard with the amethyst pin‌

Next, the rock will move away & you can pass into the nonmember room! Check it out, I like it a lot!

Members, if you swim underwater to the hole, you can go COMPLETELY UNDER WATER! Check it out! Sorry Nonmembers. :[

Look! A background!

Check it out on my playercard! (Ignore the circle around the pin, sorry I couldn’t remove that.)

This expedition rocks! 😀 *A little literally 😆 *

– Pizza


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  1. Awesome!

  2. Nice.

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