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Submit Your Nicest Words!

Hey guys. :] Amberdolly’s been really sad lately. :[ Her Grandmother died. 😥 So, I have an idea that’ll SURELY make her smile! Submit your nicest things here, & they’ll be posted on a website for her! Submissions never end!

– Pizza


17 Responses

  1. Well 🙂 I just want to say that Amberdollyy NEVER Give up, You rock girl. don’t forget thatt we all Heart you. PEACE


  2. =)

  3. Im really sorry about your grandmother but there’s a saying If you love someone set them free. Dont forget there are people here for you!

  4. Amber You Really do deserve this page 😉

  5. Yeah I agree with everyone so far. You go our support amber.! =] we all got your back(: you just gotta remmember that! Stay strong! We’ll all have you in our hearts, as well as your grandmother!! =]. Be strong amber! you can do this! Im really sorry for what happened. Maybe it was meant to happen. no one knows. but just remmeber, we have your back and we’ll always be praying for you and your grandmother. !

  6. Thats sad. I’m sorry that happen. I lost someone too.
    You rock. I love the name Amber. I’m so sorry it happend.

    Hi Pizza!!!

  7. I know how it feels to lose someone your close to. It means…that you lost someone….that…your close….to 😛 Now Turn that frown Up-side down!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!! ;D

    -Telly 😉

  8. im so srry!! :((

    youll be in our hearts and well pray for u :))


  9. Ok amber SORRY for the short comment but here I Come again.

    Amber, Don’t worry Never Give up, We are always here to support You, My Grandma Died 2 and my Grandfathr, & my other Grandfather, I know how it feels And Im really sorry about it, Erase that memorie that she died, and keep the good memoris that yoy had With Your Gradma (: We all Love you more than You know alien, and Be happy, Cause We know (specialy meeh) xD that your a Happy alien, and Don’t forget that, YOU ROCK!.
    Somethimes Bad stuff Happend, (sorry if you dont belive in go) But God Know why he did that. We suport you amber again, And We Love You.
    But ILY More -No Homo-
    Don’t Give up.


  10. Amber is the GIRL! She was good friends with GHmidorigh.. I hope she feels better soon. You’ll always be in our hearts.. 😥


  11. I am sorry about your grandmother. But you have many other people who care about you! Your grandma will always be in your heart and you are in our hearts! Now turn that frown upside down! ;D



  13. Really sorry your grandmother died ):

  14. Hey Amber, You Were A Great Friend, Stay Strong, And Dont Be Depressed, Shes In The Better Place Now, Have Great Memories, And Stay Cool!

    Your Friend, Freddo Bones.

    Awesome Site Pizza Btw.

  15. Never give up 🙂 Sorry for your loss, at least you had good times with her when she was… you know. She’s in a better place now. Don’t be depressed and stay cool =)


  16. Aw ): She can be awesome without a grandmother ):
    Grandmothers are cool, but.. but.. but.. uh..
    She’s cooler (:

  17. Hey Amber i lost my grandmother too so i know how it feels! But if you stay strong you can make it! 🙂


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