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Puffle Party & Catalog!

Hey guys! It’s Pizza! The puffle party & catalog have been launched early. 🙂 Did I tell you that everything will be launched early now? Well, let’s get with the cheats!

Puffle Party

In my opinion, the Puffle Party is the BEST PARTY of Club Penguin! It’s got everything you could imagine. My favorite room is the black puffle arena. It’s always been my favorite. Skate boarding in Club Penguin is uber fun!

Here’s the free item for ALL users:

Haha, a puffle hat! How cute. 😉 It’s located inside of the Plaza.

Here’s the MEMBER free item:

It’s located in the member room. 😉

Here’s the member room!

Yes, it’s tiny so click the image to enlarge it.

Welcome, White Puffle! Here’s the white puffle room, the newest puffle added to the party!

This one is tiny, also. Click it to enlarge. 😉

& guess what? If you didn’t notice, when you walk your puffle the balloons & the pet shop sign change to that specific puffle! Here’s an example:

See? Isn’t that cool?

& we have the classic puffle game back ~ Feed – o – Puffle! Haha. 😉

How to Play:

First, click the snowball button on the chat bar.

Next, aim it at a hungry puffle with it’s mouth open.

Last, click & then a puffle-o will fly into it’s mouth! Try not to miss. 🙂
Catalog Cheats

Hmm.. This catalog doesn’t seem to have many hidden items! Well, the newest pages. Haha.

Click the mailbox & then a lamp will pop up! A blue lamp. It’s pretty cool. I have 2 in my igloo! Haha.

& here’s the newest stuff in the igloo catalog:

Ohh, I love the lime green carpet! x]

Well, I think that’s it! Cya, & have fun at the puffle party! 🙂

~ Pizza


2 Responses

  1. hello everyone! 😀

  2. **Deleted**
    Pizza: Listen b@st@rd, why don’t you go to that store across the street & get a life? You’re a f***tard with no life. So go get a f***ing life before I do something worse to you.

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