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New Pin, Puffle & New Music :)

Hey guys! I’m sorry I don’t have the sports catalog cheats, it’s pretty much last year’s catalog so I didn’t think there’s any reason to post it. 😯 Sorry xD

Well check out the new music!

Click to enlarge!

Move over, orange puffle legends. The REAL orange puffle is here! They’re nothing like YOU thought they would be, they’re crazy little fluffballs. xD

Here’s how they dance:

They hula in a hula hoop! How cute. 😛

& here’s how they eat:

Uhh…. 😯 Akward… They eat the bowl. LOL XD

& here’s how they play:

NOTE: This is only when they have LESS energy!

Here’s the one when they have FULL energy:

Whoa, stay clear! Lol.

& here’s how they sleep. 😯

LOL. That’s kind of weird. =P

& here’s how they bathe:

Hehe, I think this is the coolest part.

& here’s a weird pin glitch, also you can see the new pin here!

The OLD pin is still here!

& here’s the NEW pin, located in the ski lodge!

L0ok there’s my friend. xD She’s right there, aka iRock500. Comment if you know her! x]

That’s pretty much it, cya.

~ Pizza


2 Responses

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  2. Hey! You May Know Me From My 130,000 Hits Website, Club Penguin Galaxy. Well I Am Hosting A Party, And YOU’RE INVITED! Here Are The Details:
    Day: This Saturday (TOMORROW)
    Time (Snow Fort Time): 11 AM
    Server: Sherbet
    Room: Dock
    Penguins Invited: 1,024
    During The Party, I Will Record, Take Pictures, Play Games With Fans, And May Give Away A Surprise To The Most Supportive Fan. I REALLY Hope You Can Come!

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