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PPA Winners & Server Fail (Fixed Though!)

Hey guys! You hear? The award winners are out!

You’re probably all like: “GOLDEN PUFFLE AGAIN?!” I know right. -.- Why DOES everyone like that old annoying play?

& if you were up & online early this morning (American time), you might’ve seen this:

There was more to it. All the servers crashed with their fail-of-a-glitch “server is full”. Sometimes, if you click a one-bar server, it says “FULL”. It’s a fail. xP

So, I managed to hack myself in for you guys. That’s how I got the winners image. But, ROFL, you wanna see what happened?

When I logged in I got the starting tut & I closed it. Here’s my penguin & inventory:

Rofl, here’s the “Edit Your Account”.

I LOL’d at that. xD But then I got disconnected, & then some servers of CP came back up! ūüėÄ

Well, enjoy your time in CP!

~ Pizza


One Response

  1. I have been playing Clubpenguin for a while and it’s crazy fun. Can’t wait for Mission 11 to come out.

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