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About Us!

About Pizza

Hey there, I’m Pizza. :]
I play several games: Club Penguin, Pandanda, & once in a while I take a trip back to Nicktropolis.

I am a retired famous Nickelodeon girl, aka PizzaChild. I am a mid-famous Club Penguin Video Maker, & a Pandanda beta tester.

I love making videos & listening to my music. I couldn’t live without my music, it’s my life. & videos are my very favourite things to make.
I’m a crazy, lil’ ol’ nuttball & I love talking to anyone accept people I hate. :] I’m 11 years old & am already quite successful in life, so if you’re jealous, I don’t really care. ;]
I probably can handle about anything that comes my way through this virtual world, as I have handled angry penguins, upset or depressed friends, & saved someone from…. err don’t ask. Lmfao xD
My fave laughing word is “lmfao”.
I’m in 6th grade. :] I am pretty much popular in school, even though I am a NERD. :3
My best friend in school is named Aamir, he’s 10 & he has a webshow called Aimti TV. Sub him: http://youtube.com/user/aimtitv
My favorite shows are George Lopez, iCarly, Full House, Fairly Odd Parents, & SpongeBob SquarePants.
My fave bands are Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy, &, of course, The Chipmunks & The Chipettes. :3
My brother has Autism, a disorder with the brain. :[ So I support Autism.
I am a middle child with a younger Autistic brother.
My penguin is known as Pizzazz Peni.
I have been playing Club Penguin since about August 27th, 2008.
I’m a Twitter-Addict. So don’t follow me if you don’t like people that tweet too much.

I am a moderator on some chats, the most famous I am a moderator on ishttp://xat.com/Jmannn93

I am the owner of a lot of chats, my main chat is:

Tell me if I forgot ya!


Follow me: http://twitter.com/PizzaCP

~ Pizza

About Raven

Here’s a Little Bit About me (:

I’m no ♥Ordinary♥ Girl.

I like to be my  ♥Own person♥

I like to ♥Dream♥

And live life to the ♥fullest♥

♥Because every momment of your life You spend Angry or Sad,

Is a momment of Happiness,

You’ll never get back♥

My penguin’s name is Transalta, I also Have Surfer 1 2 9

My favorite songs are pretty much anything rock, avril lavigne, paramore, and pop lol

My favorite singer is Avril Lavigne. She’s amazing, she’s my role model and I admire everything about her.

Club Penguin and Planet Cazmo are my favorite Virtual Words. Minimonos and Pandanda are cool, too.

My all time favorite show is friends, I know its old but its the best ever.

I also like iCarly and Wizards of Waverly place 🙂

My screen names are Dawn, Mystic Rose, Raven, and Sky ocaisonally.

Anyway, That’s enough for now. If you want to know more, or want me to make you a graphic or need any kind of assistance, DM/@ me on my twitter http://www.twitter.com/TransaltaCP or email me at xodawnx@aim.com ;]

From Pizza & Raven


6 Responses

  1. Mira when will you be on next? I know you were just on.I’m on clubpenguin right now, too!Can’t wait to see you!

  2. HOW MANY CHEATS DO YOU KNOW?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Too many to tell you, ROFL!

  3. I’m 10 years old too!
    Idk why I picked the name “Ellen90999” lol

  4. HMMM… wow clubpengie I’m only a little older than you and your site is better than MINE! Sweet, and GOOD work!

    Clubpengieinfo: Thanks! Oh, and call me Pizza. =)

  5. I’m 10 years old!
    I’m a little Tomboyish. I’m not a tough person but hang out with some of my friends who are boys. I hang out with boys to long 😆 . Making friends with girls my age would be difficult, especially when I mess up and get embarrasse. I watch too much Cartoon Network 😆 and stuff. Though, I’m intelligent at Science and do some regular things girls do.
    Disco70s 😉

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