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Pizza is Quitting BLOGGING.

Hey guys… I’m sorry. I was thinking for a while… I decided I am not comfortable with blogging. I have some touch with videos, everyone loves my videos on Youtube. I’m just not a good blogger. Don’t worry… I’ll come back, maybe. I’m going to miss you all. Raven will have complete control over this blog… If she chooses not to accept, we won’t be posting anymore until we really want to come back or miss blogging… I’m sorry guys.

Sorry GuidoGuido1, I know how you’re my biggest fan. Don’t worry, you’ll still see me…

Stay cool, cya around.

~ Pizza



1: Sorry I don’t have enough time to post anymore.

~ Pizza

Mission 11 Sneak Peak!

Sorry I never posted those Earth Day cheats by the way. . . I got sick with a terrible sore throat & I kept going on to post but going to bed feeling sick. ): I’ll try my best to post more often… School makes it all hard to post.

Well I found a Mission 11 sneak peak :O Check it out!

What do you think Herbert will do?! :O

~ Pizza

Raven Cannot Post

I’m sorry guys but Raven cannot post, she broke her hand )x

~ Pizza

1 year of Club Penguin Puffle

(‘: Dear viewers,

Thanks to YOU, Club Penguin Puffle has had it’s VERY FIRST FULL YEAR! Club Penguin Puffle has had a successful

beta testing also,& thanks to you we’ll be staying here for at least another year. You kept this blog up & alive,

through the ups & downs, didn’t mind when we posted late, so thanks again for helping us.

To say thanks,

on Saturday,

May 1st,


Oh, the party, right. 😯

Please come!!!!! 😀

& for a special thank-you,

you get a FREE beta image. (;

Talk to ya later, cya at the party!

~ Club Penguin Puffle Team

Floor Curtains?!

Club Penguin released a new bug.


First go into your furniture. You’ll find this guy here.

Click it to insert it into your frozen home. 😛

Try dragging it onto your icy wall. Apparently, you cannot place it here!

Now for the final step, place it anywhere on the floor. Check out my shower!


~ Pizza

April 2010 igloo Upgrades Catalog Cheats.

There it is, For the bamboo Igloo Just follow these steps

Step 1: Open the igloo upgrades catalog

Step 2: Go to the clover igloo Page.

Step 3: Click on any one of the mushrooms in the backyard of the igloo

Congratulations, you now have the bamboo igloo (;