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Hall of Famous Penguins

NOTE: I’m not updating this page anymore. If this page doesn’t get a comment by June 10th, 2010, this page will be deleted. 🙂 Thanks.
Ok, I’ve got a lot of famous peng’s pics!

A couple are of Garfield 1 (who added me then deleted me):

And a couple are of Wii64:

Now here’s Surfer3545:


Yoda Ads:

This is Salty:

This is Nachoz Rule:


Here’s Tycoon:


Puff Puff 65:







Waddle on!


25 Responses

  1. These penguins r not famous!!!! U people r crazy weird!!! I met rockhopper he is the one who is famous!!! LOL Bye oh my name is polly80979 on cubpenguin!!meet me at deep snow at 2:00 at the cove!! bye
    Clubpengieinfo: You hurt my feelings. Rockhopper is NOT a penguin who went on youtube and made videos! And he didn’t create a website! And I’m NOT crazy weird! Next time I get a comment like this from you, you will be spammed!!!

  2. WOW ! i met some of these penguins ! like Garfield 1 (who also added me then deleted me ):) and i met yoda ads i THINK ( sorry if im wrong!) and srry i have been leaving SO many comments! im just SO happy ur my friend on CP and that u have ur OWN website ! srry again!
    bye !
    Clubpengieinfo: It’s ok!

  3. hey!! why am i not in there??! lol it’s ok!! u rock on!!

  4. Hey guys? Well I have BAD news. My dad found out I was Using Penguin Storm and he DIDN’T LIKE IT AT ALL. So srry to runing the fun but I can’t use Penguin storm anymore. Y is my family so UNFAIR! 😦
    -Telly 😦 😦 😦

  5. uhhh my new username is surfer x01 instead of surfer3545 and cool some ppl think im famous

    • Why did you change your username?

      • i quited cp so yeah check my channel http://www.youtube.com/andrewrocksnintendo

  6. Hey pizza, you should add yourself in there ^.^

    Clubpengieinfo: LOL.

  7. did you no that im puff puff 65 i have a vid on youtube type in interview with puf puf and im on there and i remember that remember to go on it!!

  8. Pizza! Its me raven =[

    My computer wouldnt work, Im on my other one now, but it wont let me log into anything AT ALL and it wont let me download a thing!! I dont know what to do ='(

    So sorry it wont let me go into chat either =[[[[[
    Pax: sorry to hear that.. hope everything works out.
    Pizza: It’s k. Although you missed my day off… 😦

  9. I found out how to get back into AIM and chat =D Im back!!!

  10. I always read blogs in similar topic, but I never visited your blog. bookmarked!

  11. Hey you know pizza that frostylittle quit CP?

    Pizza: Known that for a week. T_T

  12. Cool I enjoyed your personal cool hall of fame. Your missing one penguin! Pizzacp! lol!
    Why arent u there cuz u r famous 2!

    • I know, she missed herself. p.s. add me! [I’m jk I’m a CP n00b with a registered domain and no followers XP but pizza plz check my site out http://www.clubpenguin101.com ] you don’t need to allow this to go through if you don’t want to!
      p.p.s. I ♥♥♥ you pizza!!

  13. Cool comment space!!!! I love ur website! That is sooo cool. I hope one day I can meet u on cp. Ur funny pics made me lol 🙂

  14. I might get a website for cp, if i get permission from disney.

    Pizza: Lmao you don’t need to ask. x]

  15. Cool stuff dude thanks for sharing the cheats

  16. Hey, awesome site! Keep it up! I will be difinatley be coming back in the near future =)

  17. I actually KNOW niceplayer! also once I met riffy and it wasn’t a party XP

    • Nicey calls me Bacon. 😉

      ~ Pizza

  18. p.s. awesome site!

    lol I was thinking that you were stalking me because I saw you on dupple’s create your own penguin shop and also the MSF forums and somewhere else, scary 😮

  19. Can I be in it? And, you forgot Jam! Cdecker is my buddy too! You’d be lucky id Chris Dog93 added you!

  20. What happened to old Eunesy? 😦
    Pizza: Jeez, I’m sick of people asking to be in this. I haven’t updated this since I was a Frostylittle nut. That was like, er, I think October. I’m gonna keep this thing, it’s quite cool & all. But I’m never gonna add people who ask. It gets me pissed.

  21. kinda awesome

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