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Funny Pics

Here’s some funny pics!
Ticket Plz

Wait for me lady
I'm the Director

No offense to anyone!

No offense to anyone!


rainbow puffle
full servers

PS: I get some pics from tinypic, and stuff. So if any pics are on your site, and you see it here, I got it from tinypic, or some other photo giving website. Don’t shut me down!! And, the photos that I didn’t make, you can copy. Anything else can NOT be copied!


27 Responses

  1. LOL!I like the pics! [deleted by clubpengieinfo]
    I do not accept calling others idiots.

  2. Amazing pics!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hey i think i saw u on club penguin before!that username sounds familiar!!!

      • chris farrell doesnt go on CP, he’s a kid in my class

  3. lol, I love the first one

  4. LOL nice pizzazz peni !i LOVE the 3rd and 4th one ! there SO cool! BTW LOVE the website!
    Ur Pal – Telulla A.K.A Telly !

  5. I LOVE UR PICS THAY R AWESOME AND R U MAD AT ME FOR NO REASON? jk jk……. am i like the worst penguin in Clubpenguin? Please let me know!!!!!

  6. ROFL
    Those are the funniest pics I ever saw!

  7. cool pics!!!!!!! LOL

  8. i luv the first one tooooo!! =DDDDD

  9. love the 3rd lol and kinda the IM COMING LADY was copyright kinda of heatblast no offense not calling u a copycat

    Clubpengieinfo: None taken.

  10. ok 😀

  11. any worker can add a funny pic or more 🙂

  12. 😛
    Telly: Yay! 😀

  13. HA Ha thats funny stuff lol

  14. Hey is it ok if I put some funny pics in there? I’ll put some in and ya can take a look 😉

  15. hey guys URG my head hurtslike CRAZZY . Anyway, I tried to put a pic. in there but…didn’t work..sorry ;'(
    I kinda messed it up a little.. JUST a the *Pax and rockhopper* thingy. Sorreh ;(


  17. I love your way of writing your articles, made me start blogging too. Thanks for that! =D

  18. Hey Cool! Mind if i copy them. WHAT EVER I AM.
    Pizza: Suit yourself, but don’t be surprised if you lose your site.

  19. lol

  20. Sorry, I wont…

  21. Pizza are you ever gonna talk to me raven ice telly and purple? are we invisible? have fun with your famous buds =[

    and if you remember im called bunny ='[
    Pizza: First of all, Telly is blocked from everything & I never see her anymore. Second of all, Purple started bullying me so bad I was angry & cussed her out. Third, I wanna talk to you but according to HER you think I betray my friends when I felt like you hated me :/

  22. O.O I never said that and think fo you liek that, purple is like im gonna tell her I think that, I dont pizza =[
    Pizza: Really? Cuz she kept rubbing in my face “PIZZA YOU TREAT YOUR FRIENDS LIKE GARBAGE EVEN BUNNY AGREES.”

  23. Omg =[,
    Well just to let you no,
    Its kinda true that it feels like were invisible..
    Its like you never talk to us,
    Cuz you have famous pals =[
    Sorry its true =[
    Pizza: No… First of all, I felt like YOU guys were ignoring me. Second of all, I don’t chill 24/7 with my ‘famous pals’. XD & Third of all, I quit XAT. But I’ll go on if you want…

  24. I would never ignore a friend 🙂
    And if you can you can go on xat xP

    ~Talorswift94 🙂

  25. funny pics!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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