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Play Club Penguin!

Hey Guys! Now you can play Club Penguin from the comfort of Club Penguin Puffle! (:

*Disclaimer: This is not our game.*

~ Pizza


5 Responses

  1. WORKS?! :O

  2. How did you get that swf thingy 😳

    Pizza: Add me back to Pie Army & I’ll put it up. 🙂

  3. ok,
    I just need your email,
    and ill make a post about it 😀

    Have fun blogging at clubpengguinpiearmy.wordpress.com
    O.O i should od said pie army, who cares 😮

    Pizza: I was on the site but I think Purple deleted me.

  4. clubpenguinpiearmy.wordpress.com*

    Pizza: clubpengieinfo@aol.com

  5. ur added,
    hey can you tell people bout the site 😳


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